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Custom Milling

Need something special? Do you have to match up an old pattern? Or do you want to come up with something that doesn’t exist yet? We can help. At Midwest Lumber, our custom milling department works to almost any specifications. All you need to do is tell us what you’re looking for in terms of species, grade, amount, lengths and pattern. From there, we’ll get to work milling custom pieces suited to you.

If you can provide an actual sample of what you’re looking for, we can achieve the closest possible match.

Our custom milling department works with the highest quality material to execute jobs in molding, sanding, planing, ripping, chopping, drilling and gluing. Along with this, all work is performed to Midwest Lumber’s exacting specifications, which means customers will be exceedingly satisfied. Ask your sales representative for more details.


Would you like to complete your project faster? Want to minimize delays due to rain or winter? Would you like to enjoy the protection of a manufacture’s warranty on your exterior finishes?

By choosing pre-finished materials from Midwest Lumber, you can meet all of these objectives.

Our pre-finishing process ensures that you have clean, uniformly coated siding that will stand the test of time. It will keep your customers and their customers happy for years to come.

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